Friday, February 5, 2010

These are from an article from 1938 in Architectural Forum in which the Esquire Theatre was honored as their Building of the Year.

Front with marquee and unspoiled scallops

Vestibule at front doors. This theatre, like many of its era, touted its cooling system. With modern climate control came the need to keep that climate inside the building.

View of the lobby. What you don't see in this photo is that the colors were salmon, bright blue, and brown. Vibrant and plush.

Second floor hallway (access to the balcony, art gallery, bathrooms.) Circles are a common decorative theme throughout the theatre.

This space is known as the "Little Gallery." Because the Esquire catered to a high-class clientele, it offered them an art gallery in which to relax before and after shows.

The incredible auditorium. Believe it or not, the Esquire was a movie theatre from the beginning.

A side view of the auditorium, including the balcony.

As with any grand building of its era, the womens' bathroom included a lounge for socializing.

The mens' room, on the other hand, looks surprising uninspired, given the grandiosity of the building. This could easily have been built today.

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