Friday, April 2, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of taking a tour of what has been rated the Best Historic Preservation Project of 2009. The power house for the old Sears campus in East Garfield Park has been renovated into a new charter high school specializing in green technology. The result, carried out by the Homan-Arthington Foundation, is pretty incredible. The old turbine room was kept as the central gathering space and the cafeteria, whereas the other (south) half of the building was filled with four stories of classrooms and offices. It is LEED (not sure what level yet, probably Gold) as well as very true to its historic preservation principles. Architect Farr Associates didn't have the expertise to really integrate preservation concerns into their design, but luckily they hired a very good historic preservation consultant and the two aspects of the project work very well together.

I know these aren't the greatest pictures. Hopefully I can get back and take some better ones someday.

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